In 1968 my grandfather started an RV dealership. In the past 50 years the industry has changed. 

Growing up in a family RV business taught me a lot about what I love about the outdoors (dirt roads, peace and quiet, mountain views) and what I hate about RV’s. They are big, complicated, and worst of all… unable to take my family and me where we want to go. 

At Site Seven we believe in building vehicles that facilitate adventure and make memories. 

Proudly located in the heart of Chattanooga TN, Site Seven Camper offers 3 models; plus custom builds and installation of Adventure Wagon Kit and modifications. We use the Mercedes Sprinter as a platform for most of our builds, its dependable and easy to drive, and capable both on and off road.  

Quality and simplicity is at the core of everything we do, with an emphasis on reliability and function.