We believe in the DIY community, its part of what makes the camper scene so vibrant and interesting. Because portions of a build can be a bit intimidating, we offer systems installs that can help jumpstart your DIY build. These installs are typically accommodated with limited wait times.

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12Volt System 


  • Automatic charge relay

  • 12v AUX fuse box

  • Undermount battery box including 2x AGM batteries

Pre wired for:

  • 4 recessed ceiling lights in rear

  • 4 recessed ceiling lights in front

  • water pump

  • 12v Fridge

  • espar heater

  • garage lights

  • 4x usb outlets

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Insulation and sound deadening


  • Fully insulated with Thinsulate insulation

  • Acustic sound deadening in walls, floor and wheel wells

  • vapor barrier

  • wall and ceiling batten strips

  • Window installation