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The Camp 2 is our most popular build. It Includes All Camp 1 options:

Fully insulated and sound deadened

  • Interwoven fabric walls and ceiling

  • Basic 12v package

    • Charge relay

    • dual AGM 12v Batteries and associated wiring

    • 12v fuse box

  • Basic lighting package

    • ceiling lights on two zones (forward and rear)

  • Removable (or stationary) bed frame

  • Low profile 12v push/pull roof top vent with rain sensor, and thermostat

  • Co2/ smoke detector and fire extinguisher

In addition to:

  • Webasto Diesel heater

  • 200w solar 12v system with charge controller

  • 12v wheel box system

  • Water wheel box system

  • Metal framed kitchenette with:

    • Isotherm fridge

    • Dometic sink

    • Door/ Drawer configuration

    • Starboard or maple panels

  • Premium marine grade flooring

  • Driver side upper cabinet

  • Additional Lighting package

    • Dimmer switches

    • Under cabinet lighting

    • Garage lights

  • Roof rails installation

  • Two low profile push/ pull fans

  • Passenger sliding door T-vent window

Additional options Available upon request.

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