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Espar heater info...

Espar heaters are extremely well built and efficient. They are powered by diesel fuel from your vehicles fuel tank and they shut off at aprox 1/4 tank as a saftey percosion. If your expieriencing problems the thermostat should display a code which can be referenced HERE, if the thermostat is blank check the 30A fuse in your 12v fusebox. There also in another inline fuse located on the main wiring harness just up from the heater. Take care not to block the heater input or output.

All Site Seven builds 2018 and newer are equipt with an elevation sensor. This adjusts the fuel/ air mixture at elivations 3000ft and above. Before running the heater at elivation make sure the switch (located above the 12v fuse box) is in the altitude posistion, the posistion opisite is used for diagnosing issues with the heater. Its best to leave the switch in the altitude posistion at all times. 

justin shipp