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Some Questions... and some answers.

Where are you located?

We are proudly located just moments from downtown Chattanooga TN.

How long have you been working on campers?

Site Seven LLC started in 2017. However its worth mentioning that we've been in the RV business for three generations. From humble beginnings in a dry-cleaners parking lot to national dealer of the year, we've seen the industry grow and change. 

What makes a camper different from an RV?

While RV is actually a technical and legal term it basically indicates a vehicle is equipped with many of the amenities commonly found in a home. Our fundamental problem with this is over time its become commonplace to bring all of the amenities of home with with you while you travel. Often times this includes heated tile floors, china cabinets, sofas, recliners, and satellite television... washers and dryers, small bathtubs... While all these things have their place we believe that is.... at home. We affectionately refer to our builds as campers because of the thoughtful and specific omission of many of the amenities commonly included in RV's. The advantage is a much less complicated, much more reliable, and much more versatile machine. Some of your builds look really simple, why?hy thank you, we try very hard to keep things simple, both mechanically and visually. Its very easy to fall into the "more is better " trap, however we've found the more unnecessary components we can eliminate the more functional and reliable you vehicle becomes. 

What are some things I should think about before having a camper built for me?

This is a great question, try making a list of your top 20 "must haves" then think about why those items made it on your list.

Why are some builds more expensive than others but look so similar?

This usually comes back to the complexity of the build and the finishes used. Just like a house there are lots and lots of things that you cannot see that can make a huge impact to cost and function. 

Do you ever work on older vehicles?


Seems like you really like sprinters.. why?

There are a lot of great platforms for your camper build, however the Sprinters availability, reliability, excellent fuel economy (for it size) and the current factory 4x4 option make it a great candidate for getting off the main roads and into the woods.

Do you ever work on sprinters that aren't gray?

No... Just kidding.... some times. 

Will you help me with only part of my build?

The DIY community is part of what makes the Van/Camper scene so vibrant and interesting. We are working on developing products to help support this community and encourage anyone who feels comfortable building something to give it a shot. If you are interested in having us help with a portion of your build we are happy to talk, however this is on a case by case basis and depends on the scope of work and the what has already been done. 

My RV is broken, can you fix it for me?

 We typically avoid working on tradition RVs however feel free to reach out to us

Tell me about the components you use?

We love building with nice parts just as much as you will love using them. We are huge fans of: Espar heaters, Blue Seas Electrical components, Renogy solar components and the fine folks at Aluminess and Van Compas. 

Will you use spray foam insulation when you build my van?


Where does the power come from in my van?

The answer to this question can be very short, or very.... very long. In a nutshell power can come from four places: Your vehicles alternator, Solar panels mounted to the roof of your van, a generator, or shore power. This often is a line in the sand, however is an opportunity to take a long look at what you actually want... and what you actually need.

I want a bathroom and a shower in my van. 

Just like the electrical system in your van this can be simple or complicated. Composting and cassette toilets are inexpensive and work great. Outside showers are also a great way to save space inside your van while eliminating a fair amount of plumbing and also the need for tanks to store waste water.  

Can I come visit your shop?

Absolutely, however please let us know when you want to drop in by making an appoint.

What are some cool things to do in Chattanooga?

Chattanooga is a great town with a ton of stuff to do and see.

For Dining check out: Mojo BurritoLupis PizzaThe Social, and Chatterbox423

For Coffee check out: Speed Deluxe and Velo Coffee 

We also have world class biking, climbing, whitewater, hiking, and fishing all within 30 minutes of the shop.

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