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Tips for extreme cold...

There is nothing better than being in the middle of nowhere in the middle of winter... especially when it gets... really... cold. Consider the following; first be safe and plan accordingly. Warm cloths, sleeping bags, blankets etc. can literally save your life, don't leave them behind. If your Site Seven is equipt with an Espar heater make sure that before you stop for the night you have over 1/4 tank of fuel in the tank in addition to the following:

  • Cover the windows/vents to help keep heat in
  • In temperatures well below freezing it may be necessary to empty your water tank to prevent your water tank and lines from bursting. 
  • Check that the key is removed from the ignition and that all the systems in your van are running on the house batteries, this will ensure the starting battery is in top condition. 
  • Consider parking your vehicle in an area that is either out of the wind, or in direct sun. This will not only help keep the vehicle warm it will give a solar panel the opportunity to maintain your house batteries when the vehicle isn't running. 
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