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Water Basics

The water system in your Site Seven vehicle was designed to be both simple and functional. Water is stored in a tank with three outlets:

  1. Your fill line, this is where you fill your tank.
  2. Your water pickup, this is where your water pump pulls water from
  3. The Overflow/ vent, this allows water to escape from the top of your tank when your filling it up. It also allows air to enter the tank as water is being pumped out to prevent a vaccum.
  • For normal use: fill the tank, leave the overflow vent open, turn on the water pump as needed.
  • For storage: open the dump valve under the vehicle and turn on the water pump. This will allow the water pump to vacate the tank.
  • For extreme cold it may be necessary to both drain your tank and/or add Non toxic Marine antifreeze to  the system.
  • Its very important to make sure the water system in your tank stays clean, if you have any question about the quality of the water in your tank/ lines you should sanitize the entire system.
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